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  1.  HIT ME TO YOUTUBE My Journey 2016-2021
  2. Click Love of science and humanity . This link will give a collection of Powerpoint files (Physics for all-free material) that are helpful for students studying Physics in Grades 9 and above including college students with targets (IIT JEE, AIEEE, and other state-level entrance exams, CSIR-UGC NET, GATE, JEST, etc, and for interviews). Files are prepared more like notes than a presentation, for students to learn (Problem sets are also available). New sets will be updated periodically and the link will reflect those changes. Editing is disabled for the browser version. However, if you wish to make edits for personal use, the files can be downloaded and modified. All information is made available free of cost, with an appeal to donate for COVID-19 relief funds. Please share and support this noble cause.   Happy learning!!
  3. HIT ME TO YOUTUBE ( Superconductor: a quantum material to access Youtube file) National Science Day 2020, UGC: Swayamprabha DTH, Channel 8, Aryabhatta, March 7, 2020 (Ref: EMMRC, Calicut University). (Science day theme: Women in science)
  4. HIT ME TO YOUTUBE(The Art and Science of PMN-PT: An Exciting Family), Invited Talk:  International Web Conference (IWCSET_2020)_May 15- 16,2020
  5. HIT ME TO YOUTUBE MH 21 Singapore Presentation: Selfpowered Photodetection and Photoswitching.
  6. HIT ME TO YOUTUBE A short talk on RBPT: Science Pedagogy
  7. HIT ME TO YOUTUBE 75th Rajagiri Round Table- Educating India-Listening to Innovative Teachers
  8. On line lectures and Presentations (B.Sc and M.Sc Physics)                                       X-ray Diffraction-Online Lecture Series                                                                Available at: Youtube: S H Vision youtube channel

Lecture 1 X-ray basics

Lecture 2 X-ray production and Continuous X-ray spectra

Lecture 3 A detailed analysis of the production of characteristic X-ray spectra

Lecture 4 – X-ray absorption by matter and requirement of filters.  

Lecture 5 – Identification of filters for a particular target, Energy level diagram from X-ray absorption and X-ray detectors. 

Lecture 6 – Introduction to X-ray Crystallography.

Lecture 7- Crystallinity, space lattice and unit cells

Lecture 8 – Bravais Lattice and Crystal Structures

Lecture 9: Bravais Lattice and Crystal Structures (SC, BCC, and FCC) 

Lecture 10: Hexagonal Close-Packed Crystal Structure (HCP) 

Lecture 11: Diamond Cubic Crystal Structure

Lecture 12: Diamond Cubic Crystal Structure – Part 2

Lecture 13: Rocksalt Crystal Structure

Lecture 14: ZnS and CsCl Crystal Structures

Atom Model Lectures

Bohr Atom Model and Energy – 1

Bohr atom model and H-spectrum-2

Vector Atom Model 1  

Vector Atom Model 2

Vector Atom Model 3

Vector Atom Model 4

Thermodynamics – B Sc Physics

Digital Signal Processing (M Sc Physics)


Students’ Presentations _ Co ordinated (Undergraduate level)


Carnot’s Engine

Thermal Engines

Modes of Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers Lecture -1

Modes of Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers Lecture -2 

Modes of Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers Lecture -3

CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) Radiation

Fundamentals and laws of thermodynamics


Thermodynamic Process

NUCLEAR PHYSICS (Under Graduate Level)

Decay Constant Half and Mean lives

Measurement of radioactivity

Radioactivity and Salient Features

Atomic Nucleus classification and properties

Properties of Nucleus and Nuclear Force

Properties of alpha beta gamma

Radioactive Equilibrium

Radiocarbon Dating

Laws of Radioactivity

Properties of Nucleus

Nuclear Force_Salient features

Alpha Beta Gamma Rays and Soddy Fajan’s Law

Law of Radioactive Disintegration and Half life

Radioactive Equilibrium and Carbon dating

M.Sc Physics Seminars_Nuclear Physics

(Amateur videos recorded in the natural setting)

Nuclear Reaction 1

Nuclear Reaction 2

Nuclear Reaction-3

Nuclear Reaction -4

Beta decay 3            

Beta Decay 4           

Beta Decay – 5        

Nuclear Fission – B

Nuclear Fission – A

Nuclear fission-3   

Nuclear Fission -2 

Nuclear Fission 1   

Beta Decay – 2        

Beta Decay – 1         

Astrophysics Presentation by B.Sc first-year students

Astrophysics 1 : (HR Diagram)                        

Astrophysics 2 : Black hole                              

Astrophysics 3 : Supernova and Neutron Star

Astrophysics 4 : Temperature and Color of stars

Astrophysics 5 : Evolution of stars                  

Astrophysics 6 : Supernova and White Dwarfs

7. RBPT science pedagogy:

8. Heartian Peace Rally on the bike on 18th Jan 2019. Theme: Green and Peace.

9. Platinum Jubilee Bicycle Rally for four days-Sept 3-6, 2019.  Theme: Go green, breathe clean, and Say no to drugs.